The light in me honors the light in you


All facials are personalized for optimal skin renewal and deep relaxation. Thoughtfully crafted using Glo skin beauty , a botanical based skin care line with a wide range of result oriented products. This luxurious and relaxing facial is customized based on your skins needs and can address many areas including dehydration, dull lack luster skin, anti aging, hyper pigmentation and congestion. Your skin will feel balanced and nourished after a deep cleanse, regenerating exfoliation and a gentle yet effective enzyme peel. Massage is an integral part of a facial and may be one of the most beneficial. Massaging the d├ęcolletage, neck, shoulders, face and scalp relaxation is taken to the deepest level. With the addition of a scalp, neck and shoulder massage during the final mask this will assisting the release of toxins by manually activating the lymphatic system and bringing circulation to the face to help revitalize skin cells for more radiant skin. You will leave with your skin feeling renewed and refreshed as well as your mind and body.

Priya Bliss Lash and Yoga Studio Raleigh NC Jennifer Ann photo by maarten deckers


Face & Skincare

Brow Tint        $20

Lash Tint       $35

Lash Lift     $75

Brow Wax     $20

Brow Wax and Tint    $30

Microderm Facial $150

Dermaplane Facial $150

Chemical Peel $110

Customized Facial - 60 min.     $110


  • Chemical Peel - 30 minutes $15

  • Dermaplane - 30 minutes $55

  • Microderm - 30 minutes $55

Customized Facial - 90 minutes     $150


  • Chemical Peel - 30 minutes $15

  • Dermaplane - 30 minutes $55

  • Microderm - 30 minutes $55

Hair Removal

Basic Bikini Wax        $25

French Bikini Wax       $35

Brazilian Wax    $65

Upper Leg (including knee)     $55

Lower Leg (including knee)    $55

Face - Side     $10

Brow Wax     $20

Lip Wax     $10

Chin Wax     $10

Under Arm Wax    $45

Back of Neck Wax     $10

Back Wax     $75

Check & Abdominal Wax $75