The light in me honors the light in you

Inner Care

Because Jennifer believes ultimate bliss is achieved through inner and outer care, she offers various services that nourish both aspects of self. Jennifer offers private yoga and meditation classes for her inner care services. She will guide you through a sequence of postures starting with a seated meditation to set the tone for the class. Each posture will be custom tailored to your needs and goals and will build upon themselves to expand the soul by the body’s heating system. Burn away any old habits, thoughts, and actions. Become refined through the fire in your soul and illuminated through your self discoveries. As you begin your cool-down, you will feel your body and thoughts become liberated yet grounded.

Outer Care

Jennifer also offers an array of beauty services to nourish the outer aspect of self. She truly believes we are all naturally beauty in our unique selves and that outer care celebrates that beauty by enhancing the features we most love. Jennifer’s beauty services include eyelash extensions, permanent makeup, and skincare. Jennifer applies custom eyelash extensions using top-of-the-line Xtreme Lash, ensuring a clean, long-lasting, transformative application. Jennifer is a Certified Licensed Esthetician, Certified Permanent Makeup Artist, and a Certified Xtreme Lash Stylist. Jennifer honors your unique beauty by keeping the natural lines and flow of your facial features.



Jennifer is a 200hr Certified Yoga Instructor . She has studied many styles of yoga from Bikram method, owed yoga flow, Anusara, Vinyasa flow, Restorative, Hatha, and Yin. To turn your attention onto yourself during your yoga session you will be self aware, confident, understanding of the mind, patient with the heart, and in-tune to the soul desire. There are so many self-discoveries to be made on the mat in a safe, private, quiet, sacred space so that you can begin to unfold and ultimately blossom


Wake up to long, thick, beautiful lashes everyday! Extensions are bonded to your natural lashes using a strong yet safe adhesive to add length, volume and curl. The lashes are weightless and can be customized for any desired look... natural, glamorous, flirty, thick, long, curly, the possibilities are endless. The lash is permanent to your natural lash but your natural lash is not permanent to you. Your lashes could last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks but fill-ins are suggested every 2-3 weeks to maintain optimum beauty. Please allow two and a half hours for the appt. and come with makeup and contact free eyes.

Jennifer is such a blessing. She cares about making your skin healthy and young in appearance. She has given me such confidence. My eyelashes were almost completely burnt off and I feared she could not do the lash extensions. She has caused me to get compliments about my eyes that I have never gotten before. Jennifer is a blessing to my life.
— Sandy P, customer since 2014
Priya Bliss Lash and Yoga Studio Raleigh NC Jennifer Ann

Permanent makeup is a fantastic way to save time and hassle enhancing your best facial features. Using the industry's highest-quality pigments and latest technology, I work with your unique color and shape to create the most natural look. Services include eyebrows (including powder fill-in and micro-blading) and eyeliner (top and/or bottom). Learn more about pricing and scheduling here. 


| Facials |

Facials are always customized to your unique and specific needs. Whether your skin is dehydrated and needs a big drink of water, or is breaking out  uncontrollably, or just needs some tender loving care, not only will your skin look and feel different but so will your mental state of being.  A deep cleanse before an extensive exfoliation will prep the skin for appropriate serums or peels to be applied to skin. A lengthy massage will ensure these penetrate delivering all of the beneficial ingredients and transport you to a soothed state of being. A mask will help to correct followed by toning and hydration to balance the skin so you can leave feeling clean and refreshed while you walk on clouds.

| Waxing |

After 8 years experience, I have create a specialized method to give you the cleanest results with the most gentle application possible. Services include: eyebrows, lip/chin, ears/side face, bikini, french, Brazilian, underarms, legs half/full, abs/chest, and back. 

| Brow/Lash Tinting and Curling |

When you naturally have the color and length of your brows/lashes you desire, tinting and curling are great options for individuals wanting to deepen the color for an extra boost in definition that fades within 2 weeks. Lash curling offers a great way to keep the lashes curled for 2 weeks without having to use your eyelash curler tool.